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Short CV of Elena Smagina

Born in 1967, in Yakutiya, Russia

    school #4 (St.Petersburg, Vassilievskiy island)
    M.D. from First Medical Institute (St.Petersburg), 1991
    Ph.D. from D.O.Ott Institute of Obstetrics and 
                Gynecology (St.Petersburg), 1996


14 papers in gynecology and related topics
Scores of 99/99/95 on USMLE Step 1/2/3


Married Dmitri Fomin in May '96

Moved to USA (Boston) in Jan '97

Family Medicine residency at The Reading Hospital (Reading, PA), 06.2004 - 06.2007

Family practice in Massachusetts: Aug 2007 - ...


Short CV of Dmitri Fomin

Born in 1965, in St.Petersburg, Russia

   schools #122 and #121 (St.Petersburg, Kalininskiy district), 
         #45 (physics/mathematics boarding school at
         St.Petersburg State University)
   M.S. in mathematics (algebraic topology) from St.Petersburg
         State University (1986)
   Post-graduate studies (algebraic topology) at St.Petersburg State
         University (1986 - 1989)

Asst.Professor, Senior Lecturer at the Chair of Higher Geometry
         and Topology, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics of
         St.Petersburg State University (Jan 1989 - Oct 1994)

Executive Secretary of the Jury of St.Petersburg Mathematical
         Olympiad (1987 - 1994)

Financial Analyst/Programmer at Citibank, N.A. - 
         New York, NY, USA  (Oct 1994 - Nov 1996)
Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer,
         Group Leader, Manager, Director
         Parametric Technology Corp. - 
         Waltham, MA, USA  (Jan 1997 - ...)


About 40 papers and books on algebraic topology, elementary
mathematics, mathematical olympiads and contests (e.g., 
greatest book of all times, "Mathematical Circles" - 
coauthors Sergey Genkin and Ilia Itenberg - published by 
American Mathematical Society in 1996, MathWorld series, 
Volume 8; to buy this book go to AMS Bookstore or to
Amazon Books.


Moved to USA (New York) in Oct '94, to Boston in Jan '97

Married Elena Smagina in May '96

Hobbies: table tennis, tennis, sci-fi, math contests

Short CV of Anthony Fomin

First son of Elena Smagina and Dmitri Fomin, born on Aug 11, 1998
in Boston, USA (Beth Israel Medical Center); birth weight 4720 g,
height 53 cm.

First tooth: Mar 30, 1999.
Hobbies: used to be milk sucking, giggling, playing with various toys.
Later switched to torturing his parents with various activities,
watching "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, occasionally playing chess, dominoes,
cards, table tennis, soccer etc. Likes electrotrance and dance music.
Family record: on his 1st birthday weighed 14 kg (31 lbs).

Short CV of Alexander Fomin

Second son of Elena Smagina and Dmitri Fomin, born on March 24, 2003
in Boston, USA (St.Elizabeth's Medical Center); birth weight 3770 g,
height 53 cm.

First tooth: December 31, 2003
Hobbies: so far pretty calm about things; likes being held, enjoys
slow quiet music and trashing his brother's Lego constructs. Really loves
music, books, drawing animals and little friendly monsters...
Vitals on his 1st birthday: 13.5 kg/80 cm

Short CV of Natalie Fomin

Daughter of Elena Smagina and Dmitri Fomin, born on March 7, 2009
in Boston, USA (St.Elizabeth's Medical Center); birth weight 3770 g,
height 52 cm.

First tooth: not yet...
Hobbies: really likes to eat... no, really! getting pretty plumpy and fast!

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