Here is the map of our neighborhood. The location of our home is marked by a red asterisk. Please try not to get lost!

Map 1

If you are using MassPike (Interstate 90) then get off at Exit 13 and take Route 30 West and then Route 126 South (left turn) thru Framingham Center to Ashland. Once you pass Market Basket plaza on your right be prepared and look for limo parking lot next to Hess gas station on your left. Opposite that parking lot you will see Algonquin Trail on your right - turn there and almost immediately turn left on Arrowhead Circle.

If you are using Route 135 then go to junction with Route 126, make left turn (Route 126 South) and then follow the instructions above.

For those who prefer Route 9 - drive along Route 9 until junction with Route 126, take Route 126 South and follow the instructions above.

If you are using Route 16 West drive until temporary merge with Route 27 then after they part continue on Route 16 and make immediate right turn to Maple Street; go until T-intersection with Western Street, make right turn and immediate left to Whitney Street (later becomes Eliot Street) and then until intersection with Route 126. Make right turn and drive about 0.5 mile until Hess gas station (on your right) whereupon turn left to Algonquin Trail (see instructions above).

Another map is presented below.

Map 2

These maps are brought ot you courtesy of MapQuest 1