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This page lists, first, the books and articles in extracurricular mathematics I have written either by myself or in collaboration with other people. Second part lists the books that are recommended for extracurricular mathematics (textbooks, problem solving compilations, books on contests etc.)

Part 1: Books/articles by Dmitri Fomin (et al.)

1. Mathematical Circles (Russian Experience) , (with Sergey Genkin and Ilya Itenberg), American Mathematical Society. (in authors' biased view, THE best book of all times for middle school students interested in extracurricular math).
You can buy it from AMS or from Amazon or from Barnes&Noble.

This book is a translation (much improved) of an original Russian edition named "Matematicheskie Kruzhki" published in 1994 in Kirov, Russia and long gone from bookstores in Russia. Unfortunately we haven't heard any talks about printing another few thousand copies... although a lot of people keep asking us where they can buy the book. American edition wouldn't exist if it wasn't for Mark Saul who put a lot of his time and energy into translation. Since 1996 this book (or the original) was translated and published in Ukraine(1997), Japan(1997) and India(1999).

The book is split into two parts titled Year 1 and Year 2 and each one of those parts consists of a few chapters. The chapters are devoted mostly to one subject (with exceptions of chapters "Problems For Year 1" and "Problems For Year 2") such as "Parity", "Pigeonhole Principle", "Induction", "Graphs-1", "Divisibility and Remainders", etc.

2. Leningrad Mathematical Olympiads (1987-1991) (with Alexey Kirichenko), MathPro Press.
You can buy it from Amazon or from Barnes&Noble.

This book was written in English specifically for MathPro Press series called Contests In Mathematics. Stanley Rabinowitz made it happen and we are very grateful to him for that.

It contains all problems from Leningrad Mathematical Olympiads for the five years listed in the title with complete solutions (that wasn't easy, believe me). To the authors' frustration this excellent book wasn't that successful in the US. We are thinking about publishing another compilation... say, 10 years worth of problems from LMO (we'll have to sacrifice the idea of writing full solutions for all the problems, of course).

3. Criminal Geometry, or A Matter of Principle, article in Quantum, Sep/Oct 1991, p.46

4. Getting It Together with "Polyominoes" (approach to tiling problems based on group theory), article in Quantum, Nov/Dec 1991, p.20

5. Light at the End of the Tunnel (invariants and monovariants), (with L.Kurlyandchik) article in Quantum, Mar/Apr 1994, p.16

6. Superheated by Equations (mathematics of heat exchange), article in Quantum, Jul/Aug 1993, p.4

Part 2: Recommended reading (textbooks)

Almost all the books listed below can be bought on the Internet from various retailers (like Amazon or Barnes&Noble; but don't forget the smaller ones - they may save you some dough).

  • Mathematical Recreations and Essays by W.W.Rouse Ball and H.S.M.Coxeter
  • What is Mathematics? by R.Courant and H.Robbins
  • Introduction to Geometry by H.S.M.Coxeter

  • The First Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions by M.Gardner
  • The Second Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Diversions by M.Gardner
  • Mathematical Circus by M.Gardner
  • Mathematical Carnival by M.Gardner
  • Time Travel and Other Mathematical Bewilderments by M.Gardner
  • aha! Gotcha by M.Gardner
  • Mathematics, Magic and Mistery by M.Gardner

  • Theorems and Counterexamples in Mathematics by B.R.Gelbaum and J.M.H.Olmsted
  • Mathematical Morsels by R.Honsberger
  • More Mathematical Morsels by R.Honsberger
  • Mathematics and Logic by M.Kac and S.M.Ulam
  • Concrete Mathematics by Donald Knuth, Ronald Graham and Oren Patashnik

  • Graphs And Their Uses by O.Ore
  • Number Theory and Its History by O.Ore
  • How To Solve It by G.Polya
  • Induction and Analogy in Mathematics by G.Polya
  • Mathematical Discovery by G.Polya

  • What is the Name of This Book? by R.Smullyan
  • Lady or the Tiger? by R.Smullyan
  • Alice in Puzzle-Land by R.Smullyan
  • The Riddle of Scheherazade and Other Amazing Puzzles, Ancient & Modern by R.Smullyan

  • Concepts of Modern Mathematics by I.Stewart
  • Straight Lines and Curves by N.Vasilyev and V.Gutenmacher

    Part 3: Problem solving compilations

  • International Mathematical Olympiads, 1978-1985, and Forty Supplementary Problems by M.Klamkin
  • USA Mathematical Olympiads 1972-1986 Problems and Solutions by M.Klamkin
  • The Mathematical Olympiad Handbook : An Introduction to Problem Solving Based on the First 32 British Mathematical Olympiads 1965-1996 by A.Gardiner

  • The USSR Olympiad Problem Book : Selected Problems and Theorems of Elementary Mathematics by N.D. Chentzov, I.M. Yaglom, Irving Sussman (Editor), D. O. Shklarsky, N. N. Chentzov
  • Challenging Mathematical Problems With Elementary Solutions by A. M. Yaglom, I. M. Yaglom
  • The Green Book of Mathematical Problems by K.Hardy, K.S.Williams
  • The Red Book of Mathematical Problems by K.Hardy, K.S.Williams
  • 100 Great Problems of Elementary Mathematics : Their History and Solution by H.Dorrie, D.Antin (Translator)

  • Famous Problems of Geometry and How to Solve Them by B.Bold
  • Index to Mathematical Problems 1980-1984 by S.Rabinowitz

    Also there are hundreds of very good books on extra-curricular mathematics and problem solving written in Russian. I will not list them here as they are (quite unfortunately) mostly unavailable outside Russia. To see the list of recommended reading in Russian one may check out "Mathematical Circles" (either Russian or American edition).

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