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If you know a place on the Web with good humor or humor links, let me know. Scientific humor - a preference!

We hope you realize that we cannot be held responsible for the contents of the jokes: they might be very stupid, rude, politically incorrect or plain offensive for somebody/anybody. We do our best and try not to refer you to sites which are not funny or too vulgar. In any case, proceed with caution and look for falling bricks - this page is under permanent construction!

  • Laws of nature (175 Kb)
  • Universal disclaimer

  • WWW.ANEKDOT.RU. It's classic! Extremely good place to visit! Huge archives.
  • Russian humor at Kulichki. Also good but pales in comparison with WWW.ANEKDOT.RU
  • More humor at SovInformBuro
  • AllWorld Joke of the Week
  • Jokes and Humor Web Sites
  • HotAIR
  • AllTime Best Humor

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